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Welcome! [Jul. 6th, 2006|10:22 pm]
Harry Potter and the Guild of Fans LiveJournal


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The following introduction was a semi-real conversation between ATK VOENA and XKitty59.........

ATK VOENA: Hi! I'm MedievalMe, but I'm known as ATK VOENA on the HPGuild.

Xkitty59: Hello, I'm ksgerber59, xkitty59 on the HP guild website.

ATK VOENA: We'll be explaining to you what's so great about the guild and why you should join.

Xkitty59: Well, first off, I'll let you all know that I'm the team leader for the Order, otherwise known as Dumbledore. We're basically the good side, obviously, and as of now, I don't have anyone in place of subleader with the title Fawkes

ATK VOENA: I'm the team leader for the Death Eaters, A.K.A. Voldemort (muahahaha). We're the bad side. At the moment, I have a sub leader, but sadly, because of his inactivity, he won't be in office much longer.

ATK VOENA: Our two teams compete with points. The more points, the better. You can get points for things like games, being a teacher, taking classes and doing the assigned homework, etc.

Xkitty59: On the other hand, you can also get points taken away by taking a class and not doing the homework and adding a pointless event to the calender.

ATK VOENA: Now that you know the teams, let's move onto ranks.

ATK VOENA: There are five (5) ranks and they are: First Year (your automatic rank when you register), Third Year, Fifth Year, Seventh Year (you will need to pass your OWLs), and Qualified Witch/Wizard (you will need to pass your NEWTs).

ATK VOENA: When you become a Quilified Witch/Wizard, you are sorted into one of our teams to become a Member of the Order, or a Death Eater.

Xkitty59: Alright, so now we'll get into some of the nifty features of the site! One very neat thing the site has is the Owl Post, which is bascially like e-mail on the site. You can send private messages to other members.

Xkitty59: We also have a part of the site called the Library. Here, there is a story going around, sort of a continued fanfiction that anyone and everyone can add on to. The current story is about Dumbledore's youth, in a nutshell.

Xkitty59: it's pretty interesting

ATK VOENA: On the HPGuild website you can take classes like the ones they do at Hogwarts. A few of the classes are Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, and Ancient Runes.

ATK VOENA: Also, there are some jobs that you can do such as teaching and article writing for the HPGuild newsletters.

Xkitty59: For all of you writers out there, there is a fanfiction site for the guild called the loaded quill where you can post all of your creations.

ATK VOENA: Now onto the Common Rooms. The Common Rooms are the discussion forums where we can talk about things like the Harry Potter Books and Movies, and if you're a teacher, there's even a teacher's lounge.

ATK VOENA: Also, on the first page you see when you log in, there's a little message board where people can say hello and give everyone an update on how they're doing and things like that.

Xkitty59: Why're we just talking about the guild website? Let's talk about the Live Journal that everyone's getting all of this info from.

ATK VOENA: Ok... This live journal is (for the most part) an advertising scheme devised by XKitty and myself so we could bring in some new members, because the HPGuild website is almost dead.

Xkitty59: So, I hope you all enjoyed our little commentary. And I hope this will convince you to join! Trust me, you'll have fun and get to meet and talk to a lot of new people.

ATK VOENA: Also, let's not forget to mention our great Headmistress, Himedall (more formally known as Kira). Himedall made the HPGuild website and appointed us the team leaders. She's very popular around the guild and we all love her work!

Xkitty59: Yes, Kira is brilliant, and the guild would be nothing with out her (and it wouldn't exsist...)

ATK VOENA: So..... with all of that said, we will say goodbye.....................

By the way........................ tell your friends..................